Coronavirus: 10 reasons to stay positive

Feeling a little down? Is Apocovid now getting to you? It’s at times like this we need to have a positive outlook so here are 10 reasons to stay positive:

1) It’s highly likely you won’t die

The latest medical stats say the death rate from COVID 19 is 2%. There are higher risk groups like the elderly and people with pre-existing issues (who we really need to be looking after) but the vast majority of us will get through this.

Sure it’s infectious and a pandemic, but it’s an unknown virus and so is our bodies’ immunity to it.

2) It’s a great time for unsocial people

Rather stay indoors, order pizza in your pyjamas and bingewatch Netflix than go to Henry’s first birthday party?

Never has the choice to stay indoors been met with such understanding. Never has an excuse looked more credible. Unsocial people, this is your time.

3) Do you remember that thing called Brexit?

No neither do I. Seriously though, don’t you recall those breezy days when all we had to worry about was Brexit? Oh simple problems where have you gone?

4) Carbon emissions are lower

Yep, all those cancelled flights. The planet and the animals are breathing a small sigh of relief.

5) Men are now washing their hands after using the toilets

For those of you who haven’t been in the men’s toilets lately (I’m looking at you ladies) only half of menkind wash their hands there.

We are are now getting good at it, doing it well and often. It’s no longer a pathetic finger flicked in a trickle of a tap.

Hell, we’re even sneezing in to our sleeves (we’ll get to tissues).

6) There’s going to be lots of quality time with the family indoors

You can catch up on deep and meaninful conversations together as a family, be mindful, slow things down, rekindle those bonds, love and hug each other.

Actually, skip the hugging. Don’t get too close to them, you might catch something.

7) Saving money

Because staying indoors is free.

8) Empathy

We are all feeling the same way right? How often has that happened? Not since that big asteroid threatened to kill us all in Armegeddon and that was just a film.

Coronageddon comes with feelings of trepidation, anxiety and uncertainty for all of us. Coronavirus is not discriminatory. Rich or poor, black or white, male or female.

Like Jesus, coronavirus loves us all.

9) We will value the elderly more than we do

The elderly are the generation we owe so much to and we sometimes forget that. It’s their taxes that fund our public services. They fought and struggled for us.

The elderly are more vulnerable and I hope we see people checking in on them, at arms-length, doing door-step drops of groceries, going the extra mile to find the stuff that was once on the local shelves, and making sure they’re all right.

10) This teaches us humility

No more penne, fusilli or linguine at the supermarket? Poor you. Welcome to first world problems. We still have so many food choices.

Hunger and nutrition contribute to half of global child deaths; our grandparents after the Second World War experienced proper rationing; 1.4 billion people in the world get by on £1 a day on food (that’s not £1 in terms of currency converted, but £1 in terms of purchasing power equivalent).

In some countries people walk four miles to fill a 5 litre can with water. Today I drove four miles to find loo roll.

Context is everything.


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