Beauty at our feet 

This year I’ve taken pictures of things right under my feet on the pavements of south London. Intriguing, evocative and sometimes fascinating.

Fallen Acer Leaves:

Mother Nature would make great wall paper. These Acer leaves are intricately shaped, with light and dark yellows and ochres – it could go on my walls any day.

Frosty Leaves on a Yellow Line:

I saw these down our road in Clapham in December. Fallen leaves, caked in frost to make them look like ornaments, cover a yellow no-parking line, as if Mother Nature is saying, forget the rules, just admire me.

Fallen Bark:

I found a piece of fallen bark on a footpath in our local park just after a storm. I love the bubbling textures on it and the different greens of the mosses and lichens. When I first saw it I thought it was a lizard. I didn’t pick it up because it was too brittle.

A plane tree leaf prematurely fallen: 

We had a few days of hot weather this summer and the leaves on this plane tree had started to scorch and fall in the breeze on Lavender Hill. On some parts, its original green colour remains, and changes to light yellows and earthy browns.


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