Images of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat may not provide you with solitude at times and watching sunrise can be something of a tourist trap. The Bayonne featuring smiling stone faces ***

A weekend in the rural beauty of Rwanda

One Friday after work, I took a bus from Kigali till I reached a sleepy village called Gahini beside a lake that, by late afternoon, shone like mercury. Paula , a VSO teacher on a 3 year placement, had invited some of us volunteers for a weekend break and raring to see the countryside I…

Photos of our walk in York

Last weekend we visited York a quaint walled city in northern England, full olde worlde charm, cobbled streets filled with lopsided pubs and sweets shops and the imposing 13th century medieval cathedral, the York Minster. The Castle Museum has a recreated Victorian Street complete with actors[/caption] ***

Paris in the sun

Last month, I made my 7th visit to Paris. Here’s a few of our photos from our weekend in that wonderful beautiful city where there’s always something new to do … *** We got caught in a shower at sunset and as we passed the Pantheon, the clouds parted to show the tip of the…

Photography: A London state of mind – images along the river.

London, like the flow of the Thames is unwavering. Resolute. Continual. London, the city of bridges, not walls. London, the world’s city that belongs to you, to me and everyone who shares the London state of mind. Unflinching in the face of cruelty. Still open. Still strong. Life, like the river, flows on. ***