Photos of our walk in York

Last weekend we visited York a quaint walled city in northern England, full olde worlde charm, cobbled streets filled with lopsided pubs and sweets shops and the imposing 13th century medieval cathedral, the York Minster.

The Castle Museum has a recreated Victorian Street complete with actors[/caption]

The gardens of York Minster are well kept and invite contemplation.
Enjoying a pub lunch in one of York’s numerous old pubs.
York Minster – one of the finest examples of a Gothic cathedral in northern Europe
The Kings’ Screen in the Minster features Kings of England and dates from 1420.
600 years later, the Kings are looking remarkably youthful.
Stonegate, a bustling thoroughfare in the heart of York
Climbing the Minster’s tower 
A few years ago, the Ouse burst its banks, rose over 5 metres and flooded 500 homes.
City walls built by the Romans in 71 AD and then restored by Vikings. The walls are punctuated by 4 gatehouses known as bars. 
Relief of Hell in the Minster – it dates from the 12th century and shows flames licking a cauldron surrounded by devils.


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