1. “But standing on the left on the escalator is a no-no”.

    Now, this. I’ve the misfortune of having to use escalators in Heathrow’s Terminal 5 frequently, say once or twice a week. Every single time my inner Gandhi is tested to breaking point when I see people standing on the left or, even worse, with arms outstretched, touching both sides. This is particularly troubling on the escalators going to and from the Tube station where, as it’s known, the ‘stay on the right’ rule is particularly strong. What is the government doing about this? Why isn’t Theresa May sending in the troops to save the queueing-on-the-escalator institution?

    By the way, why are triangles suspended above Wimbledon’s queue? Are they an illusion generated by my laptop, is there a requirement to wear a massive triangle at Wimbledon, are they Imperial battle cruisers trying to jump the queue?

    Brilliant post, thanks!

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    1. ‘Inner Gandhi’ I love that Awtytravels.

      Those left side standees hey. Worse, the person who wears a massive rucksack on the underground. Then makes a 90 degree turn to allow someone to pass them, smacking someone behind them.

      Those triangles were supposed to be tents but ended up looking like triangles. My design skills leave much to be desired. I like the idea of imperial battle cruisers being unable to jump the queue!

      glad you enjoyed this silliness!

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