The cat café of Borneo

Meow Meow Cat Café | Kuching | Sarawak | Borneo | Malaysia

On our second day in Borneo, Life-boss said excitedly, ‘There’s a cat café here, can we go can we go?’

Lifeboss’s other moniker is Crazy Cat Lady because of her international mission to love felines unconditionally, anytime anyplace anywhere.

Cats seem to acknowledge her presence as of she has an aura like crows did to Damien in The Omen. In hotels she prefers to have breakfast with cats, sneaking them little tid bits from the buffet. She sits as far away from humans as possible. Sod humans.

Crazy Cat Lady at breakfast

She carries around cat treats just in case she needs to feed scrawny flea-bitten strays and pick them up lovingly. And the worse thing is, because I ignore cats, they come to ME!

Stroking a cat in Kuching

Kuching, a quiet riverside city in Sarawak, Borneo, is known as cat city (its name means cat although it’s probably come from the Mandarin word for port, cochin). There aren’t that many cats here in the city, but here’s a giant concrete cat statue, a cat museum and an airport cat memento shop. 

Airport cat shop, Kuching Airport

When she asked if we should go, I deliberated. You see, I’m a one cat guy and my cat has a meow that means ‘worship me and me only’; she can smell if I have been near other cats. She expects me to open her catflap. Walk her to her food. I am little more than a cat butler. So I was in a moral dilemma, but I obliged. I felt a bit unfaithful in agreeing but I blame Crazy Cat Lady. It wasn’t me.

Meow Meow Cat Cafe, Kuching, Malaysia

We went up some stairs and entered a cute, clean little cafe and ordered two ice coffees from the cafe’s owner Janet who served us and opened the sliding doors at the end of the room to the cat area. We removed our shoes, sanitised our hands and entered.

Crazy Cat Lady was in Crazy Cat Heaven. The cats immediately acknowledged the presence of an A List Cat Woman (or the prospect of food), thronged around her, rubbing against her legs. She gave Crazy Cat Strokes, Crazy Cat Cuddles and Crazy Cat Treats. They meowed pitifully, showing their beautiful eyes, playing us, as if they had never eaten, but anyone who knows cats knows this is a ruse. Janet’s cats, Kiwi, Twinkle, Wawa, Wakayi, Suria and Yoda are totally loved and pampered.

Let me hypnotise you with my beautiful eyes. You will obey, obey, obey.

One jumped up on my table, sniffed the straw in my can of coffee, chewed it, realised it didn’t like it, gave me a once over and then jumped off. It was cutting its losses. Nothing to gain with this tight-ass it thought.

There was a beautiful Bengal cat in the corner cage, called Suria, and Janet came to take her out so that Crazy Cat Lady could give it a Crazy Cat Cuddle.

The other cats were jealous of Suria (Suria was bought) and managed to chase her through the cafe and down some steps, but soon Suria returned; she napped under the counter for a short while and then followed Janet in to the kitchen for some favouritism. The other cats beyond the glass door looked on jealously.

All too soon our time with these friendly cats came to an end. It was entertaining to be amongst a group of cats and watch their games and antics. It was a nice respite from the heat and great to take some stress relieving time out too.

Next stop: A boat ride and hike in Bako National Park, Borneo

The Meow Meow Cat Cafe of Kuching has a Facebook page here

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